Why I’m Running for NSL City Council

I love North Salt Lake. My family and I have enjoyed our time living here. I want to be involved in the decisions being made that directly impact my family and other residents who care about the FUTURE of our city. I want to be a voice for residents who might feel like they aren’t being heard. I want to help keep NSL the safe, comfortable, welcoming city that I have come to enjoy and love.

My Values

Caring Deeply

As a father and husband, I care very much about the community my family lives in. I want to raise my kids in a city that grows sustainably, a city that cultivates a culture of involved citizens, and a city that continues to be a safe place for my family.

Fresh Perspectives

I bring unique ideas to the work I do. Drawing from my multicultural heritage, my Gen Y upbringing, my experience growing up outside of Utah and living in several other cities, states, and countries, I appreciate modern solutions for modern problems.

Listening Intently

I’ve experienced that the more I ask for and listen to other people’s opinions and feelings, I am in a much better position to make important decisions myself. North Salt Lake is growing and I want to hear from the citizens before making decisions that impact them.


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