Meet Manuel

I’m Manuel Delgado, and I’m running for City Council in North Salt Lake because I love this city. My family and I were lucky to land in North Salt Lake 3 years ago and have loved living here ever since. The people, the location, the security, the community, and much more have made it our ideal home.

After living in North Salt Lake for a bit, I wanted to become more involved with the city, so I volunteered and was appointed to the City’s Parks & Arts Board by Councilwoman Lisa Baskin in 2018. I have enjoyed participating more closely in the work done by our city.

I have learned that there are many concerns among residents of North Salt Lake: city growth, development, the Golf Course, parks, safety, and many more. As a husband and father raising my young family in this city, I want to be involved in the decisions being made that will impact my family’s future here in NSL. I want to represent and be a voice for residents who also care deeply about what happens in our city.

My Values

Caring Deeply

As a father and husband, I care very much about the community my family lives in. I want to raise my kids in a city that grows sustainably, a city that cultivates a culture of involved citizens, and a city that continues to be a safe place for my family.

Fresh Perspectives

I bring unique ideas to the work I do. Drawing from my multicultural heritage, my Gen Y upbringing, my experience growing up outside of Utah and living in several other cities, states, and countries, I appreciate modern solutions for modern problems.

Listening Intently

I’ve experienced that the more I ask for and listen to other people’s opinions and feelings, I am in a much better position to make important decisions myself. North Salt Lake is growing and I want to hear from the citizens before making decisions that impact them.


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