Community Development

North Salt Lake has been growing and will continue to grow. When my family and I first moved to North Salt Lake, we lived in an apartment complex. We lived in and benefited from that high-density housing development. We quickly realized what a wonderful city North Salt Lake is, and we decided to look for opportunities to purchase property within the city’s limits. We purchased our home and have loved the opportunity to continue living here. There are benefits to high-density housing. HOWEVER, it has to be done and planned for in a responsible and sustainable manner. We lived in Los Angeles several years ago and experienced first-hand how uncomfortable it can be to live in an extremely densely populated neighborhood. I believe we can strike a balance in finding opportunities for affordable, responsible, and sustainable housing. This will require:

  • Working closely with the planning commission on proposed developments
  • Gathering feedback from the community on proposed developments and make decisions accordingly
  • Considering the current zoning of the city and making updates to the general plan

North Salt Lake will continue to grow. Let’s welcome new neighbors and friends to our well planned, sustainable, and comfortable city.

What do you think? Drop me a text or email.